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Luxman and L&G

Luxman is a long-time maker of hi-fi gear going back several decades. They still make audio equipment and many of their pieces are in the thousands of dollars range! They are that good. Some collectors and enthusiasts refer to them as the "McIntosh of Japan", McIntosh being another maker of very high-end audio gear.

Back in the 1970s they attempted to cater to a younger demographic and made a subdivision with more affordable gear. Enter "L&G" around 1972. Shown below is the L-2800 with matching tuner. Really nice machines and very good specs at around 35 to 40 watts per channel. Nothing earth-shattering, but they made good power, sounded great and were reliable. I am not sure when the subdivision stopped as there isn't much info about it. The amplifier is identical to the Luxman L-606 internally and also shares the same controls. The main differences are the display windows and knobs. The L-2800 has R/L power meters and the L-606 has a block diagram of the signal path circuit that lights up when different features are selected. I fully restored both units and both were subsequently sold.

1974 L&G L-2800 Integrated Amplifier and matching T-1400 AM/FM Tuner


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